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Totem 04:40   ‡‡   My Invisibility 03:56   ‡‡   PFO 04:15   ‡‡   Bioworth 02:20   ‡‡   In Waters Deep 04:37   ‡‡   Giants 04:17

All songs written and performed by Leftwich

Guitars, keys and production: Ido Mart

Vocals: Deborah Cher

Lead guitar: Udi Levy

Drums: Juan Pablo Pastor

Lyrics: Deborah Cher & Ido Mart

Sound design and production: Harrison Zaffrin

Mixing & Mastering: Luc Telier

Visual Art: Ido Mart

The hot sand blew up against my face, each grain, a gritty little slap. The sun gleamed on the glassy, endless sea of desert wilderness. There are places left on this planet, untouched by anything but sun and wind, water and fire. Mortal creatures small and quick.         In the aftermath of battle, when all is said and done, there is a special quiet.  The dead lie in silence.

Mother Nature's soft sounds come and swallow up the horror. Softly swaying plants, soft-treaded beasts.

The land embraced me, and I became one of its creatures. Lizards and beetles, snakes and shrubs. I lived a thousand small, desert lives. Then a great lightness overtook my heart. I was free. To talk to myself, to dance naked under the stars. But I'd soon learn all too well;


It is not good for man to be alone. 

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ABIE: a Leftwich Story

ABIE: a leftwich story Text: Deborah Cher, Leftwich Music & Art: Leftwich Read on at Adapted from ABIE by Deborah Cher, published 2016 in Bards & Sages Quarterly (Reader's Choice Awards Story of the Year 2016).


ABIE is a short sci-fi story published April 2016 in Bards & Sages Quarterly, ABIE won Story of the Year in the subsequent B&S Reader's Choice Award and is slated to be republished in an anthology by Bards & Sages August 2017.

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In Waters Deep

We've come so far
We are a thousand waves from home
The creaking wood
The only Change we've known

In waters deep
We're guided by the silent stars
They take us closer
To a place we've never known
The ocean clock is ticking
Smashing sails against the wind

In Waters Deep Live in New York

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A patent foramen ovale (PFO) is a remnant opening of the fetal foramen ovale, which normally closes after a person's birth. In medical use, the term "patent" means open or unobstructed.[18] In about 25% of people, the foramen ovale fails to close properly, leaving them with a PFO or at least with what some physicians classify as a "pro-PFO", which is a PFO that is normally closed, but can open under increased blood pressure. On echocardiography, shunting of blood may not be noted except when the patient coughs.

PFO 04:15 |_ EP version - Remastered by Luc Telier 

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_ _ Patent Foramen Ovale

My Heart has a hole

the size of you
they say I was born

missing You
and I don't know why

you waited for so long
each defective Beat

more strange and more alone


Come inside, stay forever.
In these chambers you will find

a Home

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© Leftwich 2020

Leftwich is a Sci-Fi Rock outfit based out of New York City

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